Press Kit


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Location:  New York, NY

Launch Date: September 12, 2013

Price: Free

Platform: iOS

Contact: Michael Sarill

Email: michael[at]baboongame[dot]com

Phone:(415) 390-6408

Product: App in iTunes

Website: baboongame.com

Social: twitter.com/Baboon_Game


Michael Sarill
Art Director
Jiyoun Lee-Lodge
iOS Developer
Oleg Chornenko
Level Designer
Justin Jordan


Baboon is an eco-focused technology company whose mission is to spread awareness on ecological issues and support ecological causes. In September of 2013, Baboon released its signature cause-based iOS game which spreads awareness on the captive wildlife crisis and supports a sanctuary for rescue animals. 

Our Story

Baboon was founded in October of 2012 by Michael Sarill. His first recruit was the exceptionally talented game artist, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge. With no outside funding or investors, they worked together for 6 months exclusively on character development, illustratons, habitat design and game art. The primary game design goal was to produce a timeless visual identity that connected emotionally with players in a powerful way. Character illustrations were to be fun and engaging, while staying as realistic as possible.  buy cialis online cheap

As the design phase came to a close, Oleg Chornenko joined the team to lead out iOS Development. Veteran gamer, Justin Jordan, rounded out the team as the Level Designer. 

In October of 2013, after over a year of development, the team launched their signature mobile gaming title on the iOS App Store. 

The Game

Baboon is a casual point-and-shoot action title in which the the main character must protect animals from poachers using a bow-and-arrow. 


Players encounter fun rushes of animals on 30 wild habitats. From rhinos and elephants in the jungle to polar bears in the Arctic, baboon must protect various wildlife from mischievous poachers. 


Motorcycles, helicopters, cannonballs and jump-stilts are among the poacher's sneaky attempts to evade arrows.


Stellar graphics & casual point-and-shoot gameplay combine for a magical gaming experience. Kids, in particular, love feeling empowered around protecting animals and typically giggle when they accidentally hit an animal. 


A percentage of game proceeds is donated to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, a refuge for exotic and endangered captive wild animals in Keenesburg, Colorado. The sanctuary provides a lifelong home to over 280 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores roaming freely in natural habitats. 


Baboon is 100% indie with no outside investors or publisher. The game also has no in-app-purchases. Baboon has organically reached over 21,000 players!!

Launch Trailer

Gameplay Videos


App Store Screenshots

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Download TWAS Images (zip, 3.5 MB) TWAS Front Sign Leopards Lions Lion Bear Pups Leopard Tiger in the water Tigers on Pedestal