About Baboon

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Baboon has partnered with The Wild Animal Sanctuary, a 720-acre refuge for abused, abandoned and endangered exotic captive wildlife in Keenesburg, Colorado. Baboon will be sending a percentage of each game sale to the sanctuary.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary offers life-long care for its rescue animals. Over 295 African lions, tigers, leopards, mountain lions, lynx and bears, among other species, presently call the sanctuary home. Some of the larger animal populations include 90 bears, 70 tigers, 28 wolves, 44 African lions and 16 mountain lions.

The oldest and largest carnivore sanctuary in the United States, the refuge is unique in offering the animals large acreage natural habitats to roam freely in social groupings. The sanctuary has rescued animals from all but a few states - as well as locations in Canada, Bolivia, Panama and Mexico. 

A gallery of images from the sanctuary is displayed below. 

The Wild Animal Sanctuary Photos