Wildlife Game

Baboon 2 is an iOS game where players must protect wildlife from poachers, armed only with a bow-and-arrow. Players experience thrilling rushes of wildlife stampedes on 30 stunning jungle habitats.

From rhinos and elephants in the jungle to polar bears in the Arctic, baboon must protect wildlife from mischievous poachers. 

Motorcycles, helicopters, cannonballs and jump-stilts are among the poacher's sneaky attempts to dodge arrows. 
Animal-poacher combinations increase in speed & complexity as players advance. 

Dynamic rushes of widlife, dodgy poachers, exceptional graphics and casual point-and-shoot gameplay come together for a magical gaming experience. 

We have partnered with The Wild Animal Sanctuary outside of Denver, Colorado which provides a lifeling home to over 200 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores. 

Baboon 2 is a studio-caliber indie game produced by a small and passionate team. Our game has no outside investors or publisher. Baboon 2 also has no in-app-purchases or advertisements. 

Join over 20,000 other players and enjoy a magical gaming experience on your iPhone while supporting a beautiful cause for wildlife. 

Press Kit

Press Kit

Writers, Journalists, Bloggers

We have produced a single, consolidated Press Kit for easy writing. You'll find a factsheet, story, launch trailer, gameplay videos, behind the scenes, and more!




Michael Sarill
Art Director
Jiyoun Lee-Lodge
iOS Developer
Oleg Chornenko
Level Designer
Justin Jordan