How to play Baboon

Meet Baboon

Meet the Baboon

Baboon is your new alter ego

And you must defend your wildlife brothers and sisters from pesky poachers.

Equipped with a bow-and-arrow, you must aim with precision! 



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Javan Rhinoceros

Rothschild Giraffe


Pygmy Hippopotamus

Proboscis Monkey

Red Panda

Polar Bear


Western Lowland Gorilla

Giant Panda


Rags Poacher

Motorcycle Poacher

Shotgun Poacher

Helicopter Poacher

Cannonball Poacher

Jump Stilts Poacher

Mole Poacher

Press Kit

Press Kit

Bloggers, Game Writers, Journalists

We have produced a single, consolidated Press Kit for easy writing. The Press Kit includes a factsheet, story, launch trailer, gameplay videos, behind the scenes, and more!